Walking through New Orleans and found myself at the start of a pride parade. It was enjoyed by the whole family.

Sugary soda is correlated with many causes of death. But so is diet soda, study finds. - The Washington Post

Drinking two or more glasses a day of any soda was associated with higher death rates.


Absolutely beautiful sunrise today. The air so thick with fog you could see the droplets as it rose off the river #photography #nature

How do I inform people of my preferred adverbs that I would like people use to reference me?

This tune was penned by Woodie Guthrie to celebrate the lives of the 28 Mexican deportees that the local news didn't feel were worthy of naming in the reporting of the crash that took their lives and 4 Americans. A clear reminder that the value of human lives are not tied to the location one was born, their ethnic heritage, or their legal status.


While Trump is beating his chest against "socialists" his supporters forget that he has alienated the capitalist in his party.

Today is National Whistleblower Day in the US.

We're proud the Tor network is the backbone of other tools like SecureDrop, GlobaLeaks, & Méxicoleaks that allow whistleblowers to communicate with less risk. blog.torproject.org/italian-an #OnionizeTheWeb

Rammstein shows support for the LGBT people in light of recent events in Poland

Wyświetl ten post na Instagramie. Equal rights for all Post udostępniony przez Schneider (@christophschneider_official) Lip 25, 2019 o 1:57 PDT German tanzmetal legends Rammstein surprised fans yesterday during the concert in Chorzw, Poland by proudly waving rainbow…



Github do not ban us from open source world :iran: - 1995parham/github-do-not-ban-us


If the new Top Gun movie doesn't have a terrible soundtrack that everyone raves about, count me out.

If you are a moderator or an admin (#Pleroma or #Mastodon) don't forget to activate the feature with #Fedilab.

You will be able to manage reports and take actions.

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