I think the overuse of marking images on Mastodon as sensitive, is harmful. It creates a default action of clicking the image. If an image was actually sensitive, e.g. it displays death, torture, nudity, etc., a Mastodon user is likely to reflexively click on it without thought, and be exposed to something they would have preferred not to.

Anyway no big deal but here's a demonstration of Mozilla's serverless. client-side-only live text translation technology.


Is there something I can drop so that I never have to hear about either one of these people again?

They should rename Star Trek: The Animated Series to Star Trek: The Original Animated Series because they made more animated series

A little salty that I cannot register the domain 👹.com

BREAKING NEWS: The Republican Party has updated their platform to clarify that it only supports discrimination against "birthing people."

If anyone else was having problems with Ea-nasir selling you low quality copper ingots over 3,500 years ago, and being rude to your servant, you are not alone. My friend Nanni has filed a complaint and exercised against him his right of rejection.


I've never felt so personally attacked by the actions of as this.

> The Dark Sky API and website will continue to function until March 31st, 2023.


It's not always clear when someone is being a petty asshole, if it's funny to be a petty asshole in response, or to just not sweat the small stuff and move on with your life.

Stranger Things Season 4 spoilers 

Why wasn't anyone cheering Eleven on when she jammed that roller skate in that girl's face? I cheered for her.

An acquaintance of mine shares his story with his first visit to a psych ward in his late fourties.


Developing Mastodon, I strive to use terminology that is familiar to as many people as possible so as to not put up unnecessary barriers in understanding. For this reason I am happy that we went away from calling posts "toots". It has always been a point of friction for people. Not that I dislike branding, quite the opposite, but in my experience receiving feedback over half a decade, it had a negative effect on the platform for little benefit.

Let's only refer to things as porn if we can reasonably expect people to masturbate to it. It's not word porn, or food porn, unless it generates genuine arousal.

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