🔔 Time to update: There's a new version of Tor Browser.

Tor Browser 8.5.4 updates Firefox to 60.8.0esr with important security fixes, ships Tor, and updates OpenSSL to 1.0.2s for the desktop platforms.

@welshpixie One way around forms that don't let you paste. Right-click the password field and choose the inspect option. Go to the console and type `$0.value="` paste the password from your password manager and then finish it with `"`. e.g. `$0.value="asdffdsa"` Your password will be filled in. Close the inspector window and make sure to close the tab after you log out since your password is in the console history.

@welshpixie Most of their bullet points don't even make sense. Sounds like their CTO is a bone head.

so it seems pretty clear vice is trying to get outrage clicks on its latest mastodon article.

this is a good opportunity to give 'counter promotion' a try

here is a good article to circulate instead of the vice article:


#counterPromotion #mastoMeta #clickbait #vice #praxis

@fedilab It seems if you are going to have a "no content unsafe for minors" policy it would be nice to have that spelled out. Obviously people engaging in sexual activity would fit the bill, but what about sex education, violence video games, etc.?

We just released #FDroid v1.7 which includes new PanicKit responses: uninstall any app on the device, and, reset repos to default f-droid.org/2019/06/15/panic-a

@sophia "If I can't spit in the water, how is it a public utility?"

I wish that there was a large rivalry among Guns N' Roses fans that took sides based on favoring one Use Your Illusion album over the other. A rivalry strong enough to end otherwise beautiful relationships. I'm on team UYI I, FWIW.

@Dee We should bring out all of the best sharks. Let them know that despite the mass genocide we've committed against their species over the last century, we still think they're freaking awesome.

A sad day for nerds the world over.

Mad Magazine to cease publication of new material

From the next issue, the US satirical magazine will only republish previous content with new covers.


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