The amazing people at the Internet Archive maintain a digital lending library: they buy and scan one copy of every book (pretty much every book, ever) and lend it out to one person at a time.

They've just announced that during the crisis, they are lifting the one-borrower-at-a-time restriction and allowing unlimited borrowing, "to meet the needs of a global community of displaced learners". They call it the "National Emergency Library."


@pluralistic My three daughters are all too old for this book, but I will be purchasing it for my sister-in-law whose daughter is just right for this.

Hey! I wrote a picture book and Matt Rockefeller illustrated it. It's called POESY THE MONSTER SLAYER and it's about a little girl who tears apart her girly toys and turns them into field-expedient monster-killing weapons that she uses to hunt monsters in her room at night.


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Cory Doctorow is finally on Mastodon.

Follow his Pluralist links at @pluralistic

Finally updated Mastodon to the latest version. The new nodejs requirement does not have pre-compiled binaries for x86 any more. It took my machine a few hours to compile it, and three times I compiled the wrong version.

Pre-Trump: Rage Against the Machine
During Trump: I Guess I Could Learn to Live With the Machine
Bloomberg Nomination: Rage Against the Machine

My review of Ozzy Osbourne's new album Ordinary Man: Hard pass. It's not bad, but it's not good either. There's not a single interesting track.

OpenPush - A Free, Decentralized Push Messaging Framework for Android

(The embedded video doesn't play because of a strict CSP policy, if you want to watch it, you'll need to click through to the #FOSDEM talk page)

Two years ago, Canonical announced the discontinuation of Ubuntu Touch. But, you know, as a valued community member, that we have all worked hard to keep Ubuntu Touch alive and the project is stronger than ever. 
We are proud to announce that Ubports is now about to be granted the status of an official foundation that is recognized by the authorities in Berlin! 
Read our official announcement here: 
Thank you for all of your support, and we look forward to even better years to come. #foundation #ubuntu #UBports #linux #opensource #developer #UbuntuTouch

Anyone else still disappointed that Obama turned out to not be the Antichrist after all?

It was just too funny not to share.

Warrior: I swear I will have revenge for the death of my brother.

Elf: You have my bow.

Dwarf: And my axe.

Necromancer: And your brother.

A couple of months ago I tooted looking for a vector grid-based editor. Nothing came up so we (Manufactura Independente) set out to make one.

It still has a set of kinks, but it's usable to the point that we've been using it to make a few designs.

We plan to release it in Feb/Mar under a free software copyleft license (AGPL). It runs on the browser with no server-side logic and no tracking.

If you'd like to try the beta and tell us about your experience, that'd be fab! Just reply to this toot and we'll get in touch.

For many conservatives, the Tragedy of the Commons is that there is a commons. I've definitely been treated lesser for being white. It just wasn't that big of a deal because it was fleeting.

I'm really agitated at celebrities expressing opinions I disagree with. Get with the program celebs.

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