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One thing about being a straight, cis gendered, white American male is that I almost never think about any of these things as defining me. I simply feel like a person. This is clearly a privilege as everyone else seems to be defined by the things that fall outside of this very thin category, probably because that's how society defines them.

I try to make it a point, when I meet people who fall outside of that category, to just treat them as a person, as if all of those categories don't exist.

If you think raising animals is anything like raising human children, you've never raised anything like human children.

I feel like the recent round of licensing kerfuffles in the FLOSS world highlight the strength of the GNU license over other licenses for commercial FLOSS products.

Wanted to put out there that I'm really enjoy I'm simultaneously watching and am happy this series isn't taking so long to find its grounding.

TIL that there is a pop star named Adam Levine. Who knew?

Finally got Mastodon 2.7 running on my pod. Feels good.

Starts with the title "Mastodon is crumbling" and then provides no proof that it's actually crumbling. Most large FLOSS projects see growing pains. Mastodon isn't special in that regard.

Every time I start watching movies, it makes me not want to watch any other movies.

If, when goes IPO, Microsoft buys into a significant chunk of the company do I switch to a new vendor? The reasonable side of me says, "Don't be a baby." Every other part of me says, "Obviously".

One of the nice things about my coworker is that we both love . I mostly supply -erh and . He brings in english breakfast and green teas. Quality tea is sadly missing from too many programming shops.

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I think doctor's offices and the DMV are in a toe-to-toe death match over who can piss off people the most.

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